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Established in 2019 khanzcreations have been curating hand made products for clients across the globe, we are exceptionally happy you have decided to visit us, we have recently established ourselves in the wedding scene commencing the year 2023! To all our brides from 2023-2024 we are overjoyed that you have found yourself here, browse to see what we have to offer, please scroll down and complete our wedding contact form to get in touch with us and discuss your most special day 💕

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You must know that each item is hand crafted by us to the upmost of impeccable quality, each item is hand made with love, here at khanzcreations we believe in accessible pricing for every client that walks through those doors

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  • Ayatul kursi disc

    Recently launched commencing into the year 2023 we are happy to present to you Ayatul Kursi magnetic favours, it is important to note that Ayatul kursi is the greatest verse in the Quran with kursi literally translating to “the throne verse”, having this in your home will serve as a constant reminder of your Deen.

  • Illustration products

    Best sellers are now available to purchase on our website, why don’t you draw facial features you may ask, well here’s the answer, as reported in Sahih Al Bukhari the Prophet Muhammed (saw) said “ The angels do not enter a house in which there are pictures” and so not drawing the face allows you to display those special moment in your home in a way that is permissible in Islam

  • Chocolate favour hearts

    To keep those wedding guests sweet! Chocolate is the way to go trust me! We have recently launched ourselves into the wedding scene and we are beyond happy to be here, we look forward to building up our 2023 wedding clientele!

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  • Martial art designs

    Not only do we create products we have also teamed up with other amazing businesses to bring you a more variety of high quality products, wether your a martial arts fan or just looking for a gift for the male audience then this buisness sure has you covered

  • Khanzhenna

    Our sister buisness form where it all started, you will find best sellers such as Mehndi candles and also a more recent best selling product their gajhre, if your looking for bespoke items for Mehndi you will most definitely find it all here

  • KC Jewellery

    Our jewllery brand has just recently launched another sister buisness! Here you will find the perfect dainty jewllery to pair with your gifts