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Nikkah package

Nikkah package

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For our 2023 brides who are on a budget but still want bespoke items, each item can be purchased separately and colours can be personalised by you aswell as writing just let us know in the customisation box, all worth £52 but you get it for just £40! 

Please note names on nikkah contract and ring plate have to be the same for the nikkah package, if they are not you must purchase items separately 

please note flowers are susceptible to change but colours will stay the same

if you want another one of our nikkah contract designs you must purchase it separately 

please note you cannot add more text, only what is displayed on the ring plate will be shown ie 3 lines only you may wish to change the “and we created you in pairs” to another quote (must be one line) please detail this in customisation box 


takes 2/3 weeks to make please order accordingly 




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artifical gajhre

Some pictures along with a testimonial from a dear customer of ours who was actually the very first person to order artificial gajhre from us 🤍

“Hey sis! I just wanted to say thank you soo much for my hand gajras, they looked amazing and still in tact! I can’t wait to order some more xx”

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