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Ramadan Dua Book

Ramadan Dua Book

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Dearest Reader,

Imagine a collection of Ramadan gifts as a tapestry of tradition and thoughtfulness, woven with the threads of generosity and spiritual reflection. Each present is not merely an item, but a symbol of the profound connection and shared reverence for this most sacred time. Whether it's a beautifully crafted ayatul Kursi Discs or a box of delectable dates, these gifts are a means to kindle the flame of togetherness and celebrate the blessings of the holy month.


 These Dua books include 

- Dua When Seeing the Ramadan Moon

- 3 stages of Ramadan 

- Dua for the first Ashra

- Dua For The Second Ashra

- Dua For The Third Ashra

- Reciting Subhanallah

- Dua From The Protection Against Hell Fire 

- Duas For Laylatul Qadr

- Dua When Facing Calamity 

- Good Deeds To Perform This Month 

- Dua For Wisdom 

- Sending Salutations Upon Prophet Muhammad 

- Sunnahs To Revive 

- Dua For The Deceased 

- Dua for Parents

- Dua for Palestine 





Please note that we try our best to offer same day dispatch for these, during the Holy Month of Ramadan please expect 1-2 days delay, if you do need them by a certain date please let us know via email or Instagram for a faster response

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artifical gajhre

Some pictures along with a testimonial from a dear customer of ours who was actually the very first person to order artificial gajhre from us 🤍

“Hey sis! I just wanted to say thank you soo much for my hand gajras, they looked amazing and still in tact! I can’t wait to order some more xx”

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