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Sunnah gift box

Sunnah gift box

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Introducing our Ramadan Gift boxes, including a bottle of Zam Zam (50ml) & 3 Ajwa dates, which our beloved Prophet Muhammad Saw would open his fast with. 

we have also added a pot of Honey, as our Beloved Prophet Muhammad Saw proclaimed it to send 1000 remedies into ou stomach and 1000 diseases leaving our Stomach.

this Ramadan lets revive the Sunnah of our Prophet (saw) 

Ramadan Kareem 




Please note that we try our best to offer same day dispatch for these, during the Holy Month of Ramadan please expect 1-2 days delay, if you do need them by a certain date please let us know via email or Instagram for a faster response

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artifical gajhre

Some pictures along with a testimonial from a dear customer of ours who was actually the very first person to order artificial gajhre from us 🤍

“Hey sis! I just wanted to say thank you soo much for my hand gajras, they looked amazing and still in tact! I can’t wait to order some more xx”

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