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Cream Silk flower gajhre

Cream Silk flower gajhre

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*please add two to your basket to make a pair*

Now introducing silk flower gajhre perfect for our brides, you will take notice that these gajhre look a lot more real and sophisticated compared to our other artifical range and this is beacsue we use silk florals for eveything.

lastly adorned with gold and white satin edge ribbon to really take these gajhre to the next level, making it perfect for our nikkah brides.

disclaimer *these do not go all the way around the wrist rather they sit on the front of your wrist and at the sides to give the illusion of full gajhre for half the price*

Please also note that these flowers are known as silk flowers within the flower industry we do not mean they are made out of raw silk rather a derivative of it 

you can be rest assured that every detail has been thought out to make sure that these gajhre complete those gorgeous looks! 



White satin edge ribbon with gold trim
3 silk flowers on each bracelet
Artifical gysophilla inbetween


Please order 2 weeks in advance

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artifical gajhre

Some pictures along with a testimonial from a dear customer of ours who was actually the very first person to order artificial gajhre from us 🤍

“Hey sis! I just wanted to say thank you soo much for my hand gajras, they looked amazing and still in tact! I can’t wait to order some more xx”

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