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Vibrant Florals

Vibrant Florals

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Dearest reader,

picture this, A perfect canvas of rich, vibrant and a hint of earthy tone, adorned with intricate designs that dance across the surface, much like the mesmerizing patterns of henna on a brides hands. The vibrant hues of pink, blue and purple peeking through, symbolise prosperity and warmth. All of these combined serve as a humble perlude to the grandeur that awaits. A perfect blend of tradition and charm, much like the ceremony it heralds. 

Dear Valued Customers, 

Please be aware that crafting your bespoke orders typically requires a period of 2-3 weeks. This allows us to ensure utmost attenion to detail and quality. Thankyou for your understanding and patience. 




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artifical gajhre

Some pictures along with a testimonial from a dear customer of ours who was actually the very first person to order artificial gajhre from us 🤍

“Hey sis! I just wanted to say thank you soo much for my hand gajras, they looked amazing and still in tact! I can’t wait to order some more xx”

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